1. Intro

This website is Sigit Kusumawijaya’s page for the course: Territory (Grondgebied) [: Sun wind water earth life living; legends for design] (course code: AR2U070) in the MSc. of Urbanism, Faculty of Architecture, TU Delft, The Netherlands, 2006.

As from September 2006 this website will be updated every week. The tasks stand in the Pages sidebar menu, arranged per course category. The title of this website site has been borrowed from the publication “Sun wind water Earth life and living; legends for design” of T.M. de Jong, M.J. de Moens, C. van den Akker and C.M. Steenbergen.

For further information of the course and the Technical Ecology and Methods (TEAM) board you can click here.


Sigit Kusumawijaya | 1320793 | MSc. 1 Urbanism TU Delft 2006 Student